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By agreeing to this T&Cs you understand and comply to everything listed below. Read the T&Cs carefully before commissioning me. Thank you.


Payment Information: 

I take payment through Paypal, currency in Australian dollars. (AUD)

I require full payment upfront if you choose to work with me.

However I can discuss payment plans for larger paymants.

Please Google how much your payment will be in USD or other curency if necessary.

If ever the artwork is finished before final payments are made, the Client will not receive the painting/drawing or high res image of the commission until final payments have been made.



What I offer:

As the artist, I retain the right to refuse any subject/content that I am not comfortable drawing. Below is a list of things I will and won't do. If you have any questions about subject matter that is not on the list, please message or email me about it.

I am comfortable with most subjects across different genres.
I am confident with drawing most species and am always happy to try something new.

You can also ask for various artistic styles.

I am a predominantly SFW artist, I do not offer anything pornographic or overly sexualised.
However I will offer work along the lines of  violence and gore to a certain extent.


Subjects I will NOT draw:

Anything hateful, racist, sexist, 
fetish related or pornographic.


Subjects I am not experienced with (an additional fee may be added if you request something on this list)
Mechanics/Machines (cars, robots, etc)
Urban Landscapes

Turn Around Time:

Commissions will usually not take longer than 1 month’s time to complete (Once work has begun on the piece)

Wait times can sometimes be longer under these circumstances.

: If work is busy and you go on a wait list

: Anytime after a convention the wait list is usually very full so things may take between 1 to 6 months depending. 

Sometimes life can happen and get in the way, during these times I will need patience and understanding.



Commission Queue: (Link coming soon)


Work in Progress Updates​:

A WIP update means I send you the sketch of your commission so you can confirm that everything is correct before I deliver the final version. When you receive a WIP update from me you may request edits be made to the sketch.

 Anything I may have missed or anything you want to change can be fixed at this time, not once complete. 

I DO NOT offer refunds once a commission is completed


If the Client wishes to cancel their commission at any stage after I have already started work they will only be offered a partial refund based on the work that has already been completed.

If I have not begun work on your commission yet, a full refund will be made.

Commissioner and Artist Rights​:

When you receive your finished commission from me, you will receive a full res version of your image for you to download.


You may post the art anywhere you wish. If it is posted up on social media or a gallery site, I would like credit as the artist.

A Link back to one of my galleries, profiles, or website is very much appreciated.

Please do NOT remove my signature from the corner of the artwork. 


You may NOT mass produce the artwork I make for you or use it for profit unless we discussed and worked out an agreement prior to me completing your commission.

I reserve the right to use all completed commissions for promotional material on my website and other pages.

I will NOT use your finished commissioned artwork to profit from in any way without consulting

you (the customer) before doing so.

Finally, I reserve the right to blacklist or ignore any people I do not feel comfortable working with. I also reserve the right to reject your commission idea if it makes me feel uncomfortable as well.


Please always be be respectful during the commission process. Thank you!

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